Doric Sayings

Our favourite Scottish Doric sayings with their English translation

A bilin' o tatties - Potatoes For One Meal

A Pun a Hingin Mince - A Pound of Sausages

Act Feel - Act Stupidly (also spelt Feil)

Antrin wirdie - Occasional word

Black Affrontit - Embarrassed

Clappit thegither - Thrown together

Doon Aboot The Moo - Depressed

Easy Moggit -Gullible

Far Hiv Ye Bin? - Where have you been

Farrer up the Stair - Older

Fly Cup Funcy Piece - Cup of tea and a piece of cake

Hale-jingbang - The whole lot

Ill Tricket - Mischievous

Kinnlin a lowe - Lightng a flame

Leesome Lane - Quite alone

Nae Mowse - No laughing matter

Orra Breet - Foul mouthed

Richt Guid Lauch - Right Good Laugh

Riggit oot - Equipped

Semmitt an draa'ers - Vest and pants

Tak the len - Take advantage of

Trump - To Step

Watter made waur - Weak tea

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