Scottish Memes

Collection of funny Scottish cartoons and memes with Doric dialect captions. Feel free to copy and share these Doric cartoons and pictures, or simply enjoy having a laugh at these Scottish Memes.

Scottish Memes

Scottish Cartoons

burns night meme cartoon

Ah feel richt sorry fur ma Dother fa is a student aat Gray’s skail i' Art in Garthdee Aiberdeen - sometimes she anely manages three naps in ae day aat her studio!

Grays School of Art Aberdeen Sleeping Student Studio Cartoon

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The Drummer Boy

The Drummer Boy is my latest novel about the ghost of a Gordon Highlander Drummer Boy from the Battle of Waterloo who haunts a modern day army nurse.

Chapters take place in modern day Aberdeen, at the Noose & Monkey bar and restaurant as well as His Majesty’s Theatre and Garthdee. Other scenes take place at Tidworth and during the Napoleonic War.

I’ve put in many Doric words and phrases into the novel, my favourite being “Mmm oxters o an Aberdeen loon, cannae beat it!” As with all my novels and short stories (my author name is CG Buswell) it includes the Doric, scenes from Aberdeen and famous ghosts from our area.

Read the first three chapters for free on most devices.