A Happy Medium Aberdeen

So whilst in town I met a happy Medium in Aberdeen which got me thinking as to what is the correct reply when someone says they hear messages from the dead! I posed the question in The Doric to my readers and got these funny replies from as far afield as Elgin:

A Happy Medium Aberdeen

Fit is the correct response fin ye meet a mannie fa tells ye he is a Medium an can hear messages fae the deid!?

Fit is the correct response fin ye meet a mannie fa tells ye he is a Medium an can hear messages fae the deid!?

Posted by Doric-Phrases on Thursday, 1 February 2018

If he wis a dwarf, and recently escaped fae prison, wid he be a small medium at large?

So, ye think yersel a medium? Hear voices fae the deid? Awa ye go ya daftie,...

Whits i doric fir "charlatan"?

I'm a Large an dinna hear ony hin!

Ye tell I'm tae gang awa an bile his heid.

Are y sure yer hearing aid are workin.

Awa n bile yer heed yi neep!

Gwa ye go, that geez me the heebie jeebies!

Fit a feel..

Dinna be feel!

Yer haverin' min

Feel gowk

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