Police Scotland recruits to be taught Doric dialect at Tulliallan.

Police Scotland have enlisted the help of the Doric Phrases website team to train their recruits, those returning for their Sergeant's training and 101 and 999 call centre operators in the Doric dialect. This is to help overcome the difficulty that those police officers who have not been brought up or not lived in the North East have in failing to understand the Aberdeen accent and the variations of words and phrases around areas in Aberdeenshire like Peterhead and Fraserburgh.

Police Scotland recruits to be taught Doric dialect at Tulliallan

Police Sergeant Sally Profadio explains:

"Whilst ah wis born an brocht up in Aiberdeen an darg in Stonehaven, mony o ma freens hiv nivver cum tae this part o Scotland. Yet they mye be expected tae live an be Bobbies in oor area. If they hiv a shout tae a ferm, in say Mintlaw, they mye hiv difficulty in un'erstning the fairmer. This is particularly important if a firearm is involved. We wint oor officers tae be able tae spik doon a volatile situation, nae escalate it kos o a misun'erstning."

We at Doric Phrases are always keen to help our emergency services and hope to roll out the training to other emergency services such as paramedics, the Fire Service and the Coastguard.

Press release date 01/04/2019.

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